Preblog makes! Sharing is caring after all.

Fridays are known to me as sewing days. My OH takes my 3 younger boys to his mums, meaning from 9am til the older 3 finish school at 3.10pm I’m free to sew up a storm ๐Ÿ˜€ Typically, since starting this blog my Fridays have suddenly become busy. I’ve just become a volunteer at a local hospice and this Friday is one of the training days, so no sewing for me then. The following Friday my eldest is having a school trip to France, which means I’ll be up at 4am ready to drop him off at school for 6am. I might get to sew but I have a feeling I’ll be catching up on some sleep. I decided, that seeing as I can’t post with my latest make I would instead show you some of my “preblog” (that totally is a word ;)) makes. So prepare for a pic heavy post, most are far from perfect, but with each mistake I am learning and that’s what it’s all about for me, learning as I sew.

*Disclaimer* I refuse to take any responsibility for the following photo’s. I had no idea one day I would be posting them online for anyone other than my family to see ๐Ÿ˜‰

Marvel super hero summer shorts.

Marvel super hero summer shorts.

I loved this fabric and knew straight away that I wanted the twins to have some super funky shorts. Unfortunately they’re a tad low at the back, but the twins don’t care and they’re so cute neither do I! Their T-shirts hide that perfectly ๐Ÿ˜€

Perfect for my boys.

Perfect for my boys.

I may or may not have sewed the tabs in the wrong way round on the Spiderman pouch, lesson learned though and the Batman pouch came out much better, I promised Riley I would replace his Spiderman with Batman in the next few weeks so watch out for details on that ๐Ÿ™‚ Perfect for when they need to take money into school.

Serger cover

New Serger cover.

This came out so much better than I expected, the pattern isn’t perfectly straight but I can live with it. You can get the pattern and tutorial over atย So sew easy. So sew easy (totally amused at myself right now) to make and so much nicer than the flimsy cover it came with. It’s for the brother 1034D but I’m sure its simple enough to change some measurements and fit it to yours.

Nappy and wipes bag.

Nappy and wipes bag.

First time I had done lining, loved it! I love the colours and was really chuffed with how this came out. So much so I made a another for my friend, she wanted a few changes, which I did including a zipper pocket!!! I had been too petrified to do a zipper before but I tried and actually succeeded….

Altered nappy and wipes bag.

Nappy and wipes bag number attempt number 2.

Complete with zip pocket and handle, also made slightly bigger to get a decent sized pocket, no intention of selling any of my items seeing as I’m not the best sewer (I read that as sewer, as in sewage!) but thought it might be fun to have my own labels.

Pirate leggings, what every 1 year old needs!

The twins new leggings.

I love making leggings for the twins, I don’t buy much knit fabric though so I don’t make them nearly as often as I’d like. What 1 year old wouldn’t want pirate leggings in his (or her!) life!

I'm lucky he sat there for this photo, regardless of what face he is pulling!

I’m lucky he sat there for this photo, regardless of what face he is pulling!

I made his T-Shirt (and the bib but it’s the said fleece bib mentioned in my previous post, so no longer in the best condition) my 2nd attempt at a T-Shirt and so many mistakes I’m not even going there! BUT saying that, it’s wearable and it fits! which can’t be said for my previous try, so I really am learning!

Bandana dribble bibs from Giraffes can sew.

The twins sporting their bibs from my previous blog post.

They’re loving their new bibs, both teething so extra dribble to test them out with. If you want to make one yourself,ย see my previous post on how to make aย bandana dribble bib.

I love sharing what I’ve made and any feedback is so gratefully received. I hope you liked my show off fest! Andย to finish us off I will share a non sewing picture of what I made last time my dad and his wife were over…

Chocolate lego bricks

Easy to make and oh so yummy!

Father’s day coming up I have a few ideas from Pinterest on what I’d like to make him so look out for that.

My mum and sisters are over this weekend, if the kids allow it we’re going to make some catnip mice for their cats (my mum has about 8 cats! so lots to make for). Got the idea from Sweet Sassy Molassie little mice blog post. Sew many ideas, sew little time.


5 thoughts on “Preblog makes! Sharing is caring after all.

  1. I looooooove that Spider-Man pouch and those pirate leggings! Might have to hunt for that fabric, my 2 yo is currently obsessed with Spider-Man (and Baymax!). Thanks for the share ๐Ÿ™‚

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