Sew wrong.

My most recent disaster! and a tip on how I finish my serged seams!
Ever have sewing days were everything just goes wrong from the start? It happened to me Thursday night, I thought I would make a start on my Dad’s fathers day present, a camera lens case. I thought it was going pretty well actually, it took me about 40 mins or so then Ta Da! Done. Except it wasn’t, lol. Somehow I had managed to omit an entire step, it was a hot mess and no way could I give that to him. Back stitching sucks when you then have to unpick an entire project, took me 30mins+ to separate everything!

Typically my son had a day trip to France the next day so my OH had to be up at 4am, he wanted an early night and had decided to sleep on the sofa as to not wake the twins (who sleep in with us at the moment). Strayed off a bit there but my point is I was sewing 10 feet away from where he wanted to sleep! I was NOT going to bed until I had finished this darn present! I sewed quickly and quietly (well maybe not quietly but I kept my stressed outbursts to inside my head at least) and remade it in about 30 mins including the step I had previously chosen to ignore! It’s still a hot mess but it is at least an acceptable hot mess.

I still have a couple of other little things to make him, so hopefully they will come out a little better! I will try and get them done in the next week and fingers crossed he doesn’t hate everything, although I know he will appreciate the thought.

Before I continue with some pictures (lucky you!) I thought I would show you my favourite way to finish off my serged seams. This way isn’t the quickest but I like the results, hope you do too.

Serger tail

See the 2 straight threads near the top of the chain?

Finding the 2 needle threads.

Put a pin under the 2 threads.

Once you cut the tail, (I usually leave 3cms or so), find the 2 needle threads. Put a pin under the 2 threads making sure the looper threads aren’t going to be pulled too. Pull them out carefully so not to cause a knot with the looper threads (this is why I find it easier to use shorter chains).


So you end up with this.

Straighten out the looper threads and tie the 2 looper threads twice, 1st time close to the fabric (not too tightly as it can start to unravel your seams, just fairly loose so its touching the fabric) then tie a tighter knot right after, do the same with the 2 needle threads. To finish off the knots I also tie the needle threads and looper threads together, maybe overkill but I like to make sure, then cut the threads close to the knots.

Finished seam.

Ta Da! Finished seam.

I used to use a dab of fray away but I didn’t like waiting for it to dry, also it sometimes ended up quite hard, not really what I want. I always make a mess of trying to re-serge over the ends. This way is perfect for me, feel free to share any other ways, I’m always willing to learn. Hope this proves useful to someone out there!

OK back to my Fathers day project! – sorry I didn’t forget 😉 I used a tutorial from Sewplicity, here they show you what it is supposed to look like. Here’s mine:

Camera lens case.

Time to play spot the mistakes!

My dad loves steam trains if you hadn't guessed!

My dad loves steam trains if you hadn’t guessed!

Camera lens case.

Inside view.

Seeing as it’s Fathers day is this month (well it is in the UK anyway), I will post a link to my Dad’s picture site. He’s a keen photographer – hence the lens case! The more views he has the closer the top of the search site he goes (or something like that anyway) so every little helps. Happy Fathers day Dad! As usual I’d love for you to leave me a comment, share my page or pin my pictures. You can follow me on pinterest here!

Super Excited! My sister invited me to my first ever Fiesta Friday this week, so I’m going to bring Sew Wrong along to the party! My sister, Michelle @ Giraffes Can Bake is actually one of the co hosts this week, along with Judi @ Cooking with Aunt JuJu. Can’t wait to see you all there!

How to close off serger seams.


9 thoughts on “Sew wrong.

  1. Welcome to Fiesta Friday!! So glad you decided to join us! Looks like there’s a lot of talent running in the family 😃 I actually used to sew myself, but then all my friends started asking me to do their alterations, so I told them the sewing machine has been retired in the dungeon aka basement, haha… No, I just don’t have much time these days, but looking at all your projects make me want to resurrect that machine! 😃😃

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you and thank you for having me! I’ve only had my sister ask for alterations, she won’t ask again after I botched that up! lol. If you enjoyed it you really should, I love it even though I’m messing up more times than I should be.


  2. Welcome to Fiesta Friday and we’re all happy to have you join us. Michelle has wooed us with her yummy desserts for a long time and it looks like you are extremely talented as well. You really have six sons? Where do you find time to sew and such beautiful things. What an attractive bag to make for your father – I’m sure he will love it. Homemade is always appreciated 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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