Crazy long camera strap!

I have a twitter account! I’ve never quite “got” twitter and have joined a number of times over the years to just forget about it! This time I’m here to stay! If you wanted to follow me, feel  free, I’m kind of lonely at the moment.

I have finally finished my Dads Father’s day presents. Thankfully the camera strap and the pouch came out a little better than the camera lens case, phew.

Today I shall show you my camera strap and what changes I made from the original tutorial.  She explains it so well and was the clearest I found. You can find Skip to my Lou’s tutorial here.

My dad’s camera strap is crazy long and I only had a fat quarter of the material I wanted to use so I divided it up into 5.5 inch sections and cut 4 strips out, I did the same for the fusible fleece although I cut 5 inch strips . Then I ironed on the fleece, leaving 1/4 inch either side for where I would be sewing the sides together.

Strips of fabric and fusible fleece

Strips of fabric and fusible fleece

I then put 2 of the strips right sides together (if you have a pattern you might want to make sure when you open it up they go in the same direction – I totally didn’t make this mistake, and certainly not twice…). I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance and attached all 4 pieces this way.

That’s all I did that was different! It was so easy and the longest part for me was ironing on those darn pieces of fusible fleece! lol. I did add some decorative stitching to the ends though!

Decorative stitches.

Decorative stitches.

Not the most manly of stitch, but I’ve been itching to try out my funky stitches, I used cream thread so they weren’t too noticeable and ruin his manly image 😉

So that’s it easy peasy, didn’t take me long at all, I got most of it done while the twins were napping.

Camera strap

The finished strap.

As I said, his strap is crazy long, so I tied it up so it would (almost) fit in the picture!

Look out for my next post which has the 3rd part of my dads present, a little pouch.

Seeing as Fathers day is so close I thought I would bring a long this post to  Fiesta Friday! with co hosts  Michelle @ Giraffes Can Bake & Judi @ Cooking with Aunt JuJu.


11 thoughts on “Crazy long camera strap!

  1. Your fabric is so appropriate for a man (as a woman I like it too). Gene enjoyed trains too and had a set we always brought out at Christmas to put around the tree. Great idea to make a camera strap – wish I knew how to sew! Thanks for sharing your creations with Angie and the gang at Fiesta Friday #73 🙂

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