The trilogy comes to an end.

The third (and final – TGFT) part of my present for my Dad, bet you are as relieved as me that it’s over. Don’t get me wrong, I love sewing and I love that I’ve made him his present, I am just not good enough yet to make gifts for people. Lesson learned and my children will continue (for now at least) to be my guinea pigs *insert evil laugh*.

His final gift is the So Sew Easy – Teeny Tiny Mini Zipper pouch. If you’re not already you should check out Deby’s (from so sew easy) Facebook Group, she is lovely as is everyone, there’s people from all over the world and all so helpful.

Deby’s tutorial is so easy to follow, the video is clear and simple to understand, even for beginners like me. I thought I would do a mini picture tutorial for you, just as a quick reference (is it wrong that I would use it too?) I always watch the video before making this pouch (it’s my third) but would be nice to have a something to look at so I can check every now and then that I’ve not missed a step (camera lens case ring a bell for anyone?!).

This is a very basic step by step “guide” so I highly recommend watching the video and use my tutorial to prompt you as you go!

I know that trains and liquorice don’t really go, but I had some left over liquorice fabric from making bibs and my Dad is a big fan, seemed fitting 😀


Line up lining fabric with zip.

Line up lining fabric (right side up) underneath the zip.

Line outer fabric wrong side down on top of the zip.

Line outer fabric wrong side down on top of the zip.

Place 1 lining piece face up, line the zip along the top edge then place the outer fabric wrong side down. Line it all up, pin into place and (using a zipper foot) sew close to the (top half of the) zip.


Do the same again to the bottom edge of the zip, turning the zip so the bottom becomes the top, making  sure all 4 pieces are lined up.


Top stitch!

Top stitch!

Separate and press your pieces, top stitch.


Lining up.

Lining up.

Leave a gap on lining.

Leave a gap on lining.

Separate the outer pieces and lining, and line them up right sides together. stitch along the outer pieces, back stitching at both ends. On the lining leave a gap a couple of inches wide (the gap left in the picture was a little small, doable but could have done with being a little bigger.)


Take the 2 small squares, iron them in half, right sides together, sew with 1/4 inch seam allowance then turn right side out, fold it through a D ring or similar if wanted.


Open the zip about half way. Line the 2 sides up, the line you just stitched in line with the zip.

Put the tabs you just made in between the 2 layers (on the side of the zip touching the outer fabric). Don’t do as I did and make sure the raw edges are hanging out the end. Line it up with the zip so it is centred. Sew down each side, I tend to back stitch over the zip a couple of times for extra support.


Once sewn, cut down the edges close to the stitching to reduce bulk. I don’t recommend using your sewing scissors for this step!


Turn the bag the right way out, through the gap in the lining.


Hand sew the gap in the lining (now do you see why my gap was small, haha).

You are now finished if you don’t want to box your pouch.

Zippered pouchZippered pouch

STEP TEN. (If you want to box your pouch)

Turn your pouch inside out, measure an inch across each corner (shown in the video sorry I don’t have any pictures of this step) using tailor chalk mark the line across each corner and stitch across.

That’s it,turn it back to the right way and push out your corners.

Box pouches I recently made.

Box pouches I recently made.

So that’s my Dad’s present’s sorted, along with an Amazon voucher (so he can at least buy something useful!) all packed up and ready to go.

Camera lens case, camera strap & tiny pouch.

Camera lens case, camera strap & tiny pouch.

Hope he likes the thought at least, as frustrating as it has been, I’ve loved working on these.

2 blog posts in 1 day, I’m flying! I have a few appointments this Friday (another sewing day gone) and my 2 year old has a (minor) op on Tuesday so I can’t see me getting to sew much in the next week, won’t stop me trying though! Hope to catch you all soon.

Well, after sharing my other 2 Fathers day posts, I couldn’t really leave out the finale could I?! So another share for Fiesta Friday! with co hosts  Michelle @ Giraffes Can Bake & Judi @ Cooking with Aunt JuJu.



2 thoughts on “The trilogy comes to an end.

  1. Three great posts you have brought to Fiesta Friday – simply they are just great ideas and a wonderful way to use your sewing skills. Hmm… I wonder if I am too old to learn a new hobby? Thanks for participating in Fiesta Friday and hope to see you here every (or almost) week 🙂

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