It’s all about the cake.

It’s hot! So very hot. I’m not complaining though – honestly. Everything seems better with some sunshine.

I had sports day today, well I say I, 2 of the littlies (new word!) it was an all day affair and I was pretty much a tomato come home time, that’s with factor 50! I’m not very good at applying  the cream it seems.

It is also Christopher’s birthday! I attempted to make him a cake. Unfortunately as always it went wrong 😀

I was going to post a lovely array of pictures at different stages of cooking and a beautiful end result, I am longer going to do this as the end result was very far from beautiful. I will how ever link the recipe I used as it really was amazing. So yummy. I made my layers too thick and ended up with raw cookie dough in the center!

So, now you’ve seen what it was supposed to look like…..

Here’s my attempt….


It tastes better than it looks, honest.

Baking is not my forte, I will in future leave that to my sister Michelle at Giraffes Can Bake.

I did however get a reminder of the cake(s) I made Chris a few years back on Timehop this morning. I was quite proud of those. So although not sewing related (I have had NO time) I thought I would share the Mario cupcakes.

Mario Cupcakes

Simply drew on with food colouring pens and coloured in!  If you’ve ever done anything like this I’d love for you to share with me! I love this kind of thing 🙂 Bringing this post along to Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party this week 🙂

Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with a couple of projects I’m planning, I’m hoping things will calm down and I’ll get some sewing time this week!



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