Finally a (basic) sewing machine cover! among other things.

I managed to get some sewing time on Friday and finally made myself a sewing machine cover!

I didn’t manage to get many pictures of me making it, I was working it out as I went a long and mostly forgot to photograph!

To get the sizing, I measured width, depth and height.  I added 1 inch to the width and depth and doubled the height and added another inch. I ended up with 3 pieces of fabric.

Main piece and 2 side pieces.

Main piece and 2 side pieces.

I thought the giraffe fabric was cute and quite fitting.

I put interfacing on the 2 side panels, though in hindsight I think it would have been better to also put it on the main piece also, it still works though.

Pin the 2 side panels to the centre of the middle piece right sides together.

(Interfacing should already be attached)

Sew down the side, when reaching the end of the side panel maneuver the un-sewn edge of the side panel to the edge of the main piece, right sides together, sew to the bottom, repeat on all edges. Hem around the bottom and you’re done.

I decided it was totally appropriate for more decorative stitches! I made them bright green and I used leaves, giraffes eat leaves, leaves are green – get it?! 😉

Finished cover was slightly too big and because of no interfacing on the main section, sags a little. I don’t really care though, I mean, it does the job – I didn’t even bother to line it. Quick easy project.

Excuse the mess, I also forgot to take pictures of it finished. This was a shot I sent to my friend.

Excuse the mess, I also forgot to take pictures of it finished. This was a lazy shot I sent to my friend.

Not my best work but all my own and it does the job!

I also started a mug bag I found while searching Pinterest for inspiration.

It went really well I thought, well apart from the fact it’s too small for any mugs I own! It’s still super cute and useable, I love it. Note to self though- I must practice hand stitching! I found it very hard stitching it onto the bottom so it is slightly wonky, I can live with that.  Didn’t get time to do any part of the handle as I had to pick the minions up from school.

Mug bagmug bag

I also changed the button to a popper, mainly because I don’t have any ribbon or buttons at the moment but I do think the baby pink popper looked great!

I’ll include a picture when I add the handle, for now it’s another UFO in the pile!

I’m also trying to knit a hat, I’ve only ever managed scarves and blankets before, well I say that, I’ve never finished anything. This time I’m determined, I’ve even got a pattern and with youtubes help teaching myself some new stitches. The hospice I volunteer at are making 2015 hats in hope to sell them to raise funds. I could sew one and probably will but  knitting is something I’d like to learn so started with a basic preemie hat.

I’d love for your opinions on either of my projects this week!


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