The bit about the giraffe

I’m Laura, I’m 31 and I live in Essex, UK with my boyfriend Chris and my 6 children.

I’m one of “those” people who love to use brackets. Not just use, over use. This blog is not for you if this annoys you. Consider yourself warned 😉

I love to read, crime thriller mainly, watch films and of course sew. Unfortunately I don’t get much time to do any of these!
I can knit! Scarves and simple blankets are my limit but I enjoy it.

I enjoy spending time with my kids they’re all super crazy and love to make noise! We’re not perfect but we do our best to be who we are, super proud of them all. Even the twins, if they manage to sleep through the night! Everyone benefits when that happens.

Blogging is very new to me, and as you’ll notice pictures and writing are not my forte. So why am I blogging? I love to sew, I love to talk about sewing and I love to share what I make -good and bad, this is the perfect place to do both.

Welcome to giraffes can (kinda) sew.

I’d love for you to follow me on Pinterest.


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