Headband mania!

My Mum and 2 sisters are make up fiends, me? not so much, not that I don’t need it (I really really do) I’m just too lazy. The last time I wore make up was on a rare evening out 🙂 Anyway, I digress. My mum wanted a new headband for when she’s applying her slap. Lovely, helpful daughter that I am (totally not just a reason to sew…) I decided to make her one and it was so quick and easy, one for my sisters too.

Find all the info on this post here at giraffes can sew.com

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Sew you’re a beginner?

Today I thought I would do a round up of a few links that have helped me since I started sewing. They’re fab for total beginners and will help save you searching all over, nice and handy all in one place.

Find this post here on giraffes can sew.com

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Zippered pouch

The trilogy comes to an end.

The third (and final – TGFT) part of my present for my Dad, bet you are as relieved as me that it’s over. Don’t get me wrong, I love sewing and I love that I’ve made him his present, I am just not good enough yet to make gifts for people. Lesson learned and my children will continue (for now at least) to be my guinea pigs *insert evil laugh*.

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Crazy long camera strap!

I have a twitter account! I’ve never quite “got” twitter and have joined a number of times over the years to just forget about it! This time I’m here to stay! If you wanted to follow me, feel  free, I’m kind of lonely at the moment.

I have finally finished my Dads Father’s day presents. Thankfully the camera strap and the pouch came out a little better than the camera lens case, phew.

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Sew wrong.

My most recent disaster! and a tip on how I finish my serged seams!
Ever have sewing days were everything just goes wrong from the start? It happened to me Thursday night, I thought I would make a start on my Dad’s fathers day present, a camera lens case. I thought it was going pretty well actually, it took me about 40 mins or so then Ta Da! Done. Except it wasn’t, lol. Somehow I had managed to omit an entire step, it was a hot mess and no way could I give that to him. Back stitching sucks when you then have to unpick an entire project, took me 30mins+ to separate everything!

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Preblog makes! Sharing is caring after all.

Fridays are known to me as sewing days. My OH takes my 3 younger boys to his mums, meaning from 9am til the older 3 finish school at 3.10pm I’m free to sew up a storm 😀 Typically, since starting this blog my Fridays have suddenly become busy. I’ve just become a volunteer at a local hospice and this Friday is one of the training days, so no sewing for me then. The following Friday my eldest is having a school trip to France, which means I’ll be up at 4am ready to drop him off at school for 6am. I might get to sew but I have a feeling I’ll be catching up on some sleep. I decided, that seeing as I can’t post with my latest make I would instead show you some of my “preblog” (that totally is a word ;)) makes. So prepare for a pic heavy post, most are far from perfect, but with each mistake I am learning and that’s what it’s all about for me, learning as I sew.

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Bandana dribble bib tutorial and free pattern.

My first tutorial, eek!

This tutorial has moved to our new site http://www.giraffescansew.com.

You can find it by clicking this link! – Hope to see you there 🙂