A Short Story.

I made Logan some shorts. I kind of just winged it,  so Logan has a lovely pair of new shorts with a pocket that is too high and has some very questionable stitching (OK that’s just me being a poor sewer). The front of the shorts are higher than the back, which obviously I didn’t notice until after I had stitched on the pocket that was very frustrating, I don’t think the fabric could have handled the unstitching. Overall they fit OK though, so that’s a plus and the fact they’re dino-tastic helps me not care about the mess I’ve made so much. I’m going to try these again soon, when I’m not rushing, with summer coming up we will (hopefully) need plenty of shorts. When making short patterns I use an old pair of Logan’s (or whoever’s I am making for) shorts (or even trousers – just stop at the desired length when tracing) as a template. This time though I used a previous template I had because I’m very very  lazy. They were a bit crumpled and from last year so had to do some adjustments, I won’t be doing that again, lesson learned. Logan hates the camera. As soon as he sees it he runs. It is SO hard to get a picture of him. I tried but soon gave up.

Dino-tastic shorts

Dino-tastic shorts

We'll pretend the back pocket doesn't exist....

We’ll pretend the back pocket doesn’t exist….

Crawling away from the camera!

Crawling away from the camera!

My first ever pair of shorts (first item of clothing too, unless bibs count) I made came from this tutorial. I’m chuffed, I mean they were far from perfect but fit wise they were spot on, if I mess anything up it’s usually something to to with the sizing – like this time the waistband being higher at the front than the back, so for my first attempt to fit so well was great. Shame it was just luck rather than talent! For these I used his old baby grows, cutting them up into squares, sewing them together to make “fabric”. I didn’t think the crotch seam area through very well and it looks a bit sloppy, but I love them! I’m the process of making another pair with some of the twins old clothes. Not sure when I’ll get round to actually making them but when I do you guys will be the first to know.

My 1st pair of shorts

My 1st pair of shorts.



I’ve spent today clearing out Jordon’s bedroom. Like most 12 year olds it was a tip. One thing I noticed was a drawer just full of loose pens and pencils. Going to make him a couple of pencil cases I think soon, I also need another pin cushion, fed up of leaving mine at the ironing board and not realising until I am removing them! So a couple of small projects planned. Logan’s operation has been postponed (annoyingly a stupid mistake means he was booked in at the wrong hospital and he is too small for them to operate there!) so hopefully should get in a sewing day soon 😀 CraftyStacidinotastic


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