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Quick and easy Quilted Coaster

Quilted Coaster Tutorial, perfect for beginners.

It feels like I’ve not been about for ages. I’ve had the dreaded lurgy this week. I’m back to almost feeling human again though so hoorah!

For Christmas this year I’m hoping to make my Nan a photo memory quilt, I’m really quite excited about it, I’ve not made a quilt before though.
This brings me to my tutorial. I decided to make a simple coaster with batting and quilted it (I think?).
It turned out really well I thought, considering I don’t have a stitch in the ditch foot yet. Only down side to this tutorial is you can see how bad I really am at straight lines.

Find this tutorial here at giraffes can sew.

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Mug bag

Finally a (basic) sewing machine cover! among other things.

I managed to get some sewing time on Friday and finally made myself a sewing machine cover!

I didn’t manage to get many pictures of me making it, I was working it out as I went a long and mostly forgot to photograph!

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Super hero pencil case.

Pencil case / Make up bag / whatever you want it to be, tutorial.

I finally made time to sew, yay!
Today I bring you the super simple, super easy, super pencil case.  Too many supers?

I was sorting out my 12 year old sons bedroom (the joys of motherhood) and he has so many pens it’s ridiculous. I decided he needed a pencil case and I had the perfect fabric for it!

This is so simple I made it up as I went a long, no tutorials which is a first for me. So now, I’m going to share with you. It was so quick and easy I decided I would also make a small make up bag that I’d been promising my little sister for a while using almost the same steps. 1 tutorial, lots of uses!

Find this (super) tutorial here at giraffes can sew.

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New shared Pinterest board…

Hello! Hope everyone has this beautiful sunshine we have down in Essex!

Just a quick one from me! I’ve created a board on Pinterest and I’d love for you to join!

It’s for any FREE sewing patterns and tutorials. So if you have any to share let me know (doesn’t have to be your own) so I can add you! It’s brand new so not many followers as yet (just my own), but I hope together we can make it grow, I mean, who doesn’t love a free pattern every now and then 🙂

If you like my boards I’d  love for you to follow me as well, you can do so here.

Happy Tuesday all, I have a new tutorial coming up in the next day or two so watch out for that,  but for now, I’m all about enjoying the sun.

Mario Cupcakes

It’s all about the cake.

It’s hot! So very hot. I’m not complaining though – honestly. Everything seems better with some sunshine.

I had sports day today, well I say I, 2 of the littlies (new word!) it was an all day affair and I was pretty much a tomato come home time, that’s with factor 50! I’m not very good at applying  the cream it seems.

It is also Christopher’s birthday! I attempted to make him a cake. Unfortunately as always it went wrong 😀

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Dino-tastic shorts

A Short Story.

I made Logan some shorts. I kind of just winged it,  so Logan has a lovely pair of new shorts with a pocket that is too high and has some very questionable stitching (OK that’s just me being a poor sewer). The front of the shorts are higher than the back, which obviously I didn’t notice until after I had stitched on the pocket that was very frustrating, I don’t think the fabric could have handled the unstitching. Overall they fit OK though, so that’s a plus and the fact they’re dino-tastic helps me not care about the mess I’ve made so much. Continue reading


Headband mania!

My Mum and 2 sisters are make up fiends, me? not so much, not that I don’t need it (I really really do) I’m just too lazy. The last time I wore make up was on a rare evening out 🙂 Anyway, I digress. My mum wanted a new headband for when she’s applying her slap. Lovely, helpful daughter that I am (totally not just a reason to sew…) I decided to make her one and it was so quick and easy, one for my sisters too.

Find all the info on this post here at giraffes can sew.com

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Sew you’re a beginner?

Today I thought I would do a round up of a few links that have helped me since I started sewing. They’re fab for total beginners and will help save you searching all over, nice and handy all in one place.

Find this post here on giraffes can sew.com

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Zippered pouch

The trilogy comes to an end.

The third (and final – TGFT) part of my present for my Dad, bet you are as relieved as me that it’s over. Don’t get me wrong, I love sewing and I love that I’ve made him his present, I am just not good enough yet to make gifts for people. Lesson learned and my children will continue (for now at least) to be my guinea pigs *insert evil laugh*.

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